Miami Songwriter Personifies & Challenges Fate in New Release


“Do You Believe in Fate?” Florida Recording Artist, Alexa Lash, Uses Song to Answer that Very Question

Miami, FL – April 26 – On the heels of multiple acoustic releases to start the year, Alexa Lash is releasing “Fate,” a fully produced track that personifies, questions, and analyzes the concept of Fate through the lens of self-reflection. This is Lash’s first co-written release with Miami music scene newcomer, Pedro Rubio. While this song will be released under Lash’s name, future songs crafted by this duo will be released under a new project name, which will be announced in the coming months.

“It’s been really exciting working with someone who brings a fresh perspective to the table,” Lash said of Rubio, who has been crafting guitar progressions with abandon at his home in Cutler Bay. “I’m looking forward to releasing our next song already!”

And Fate is going to be an exciting release. It’s got a whistle-laden intro, transporting you instantly to a road surrounded by rolling tumbleweeds, then hits you with a heavy first line, “Our time is wasted on the young. The old they know the value when it’s too late.” If you weren’t already aware of Lash’s lyrical prowess, she’s leading you to immediately believe the speaker is pondering life and knowledge with some serious intensity. This song isn’t a frolic through flowers, this is a boots-on-the-road anthem for anyone who has been wondering, “do my choices matter? Or is it all figured out ahead of time and I’m just going with the flow?” Basically, is Fate real?

The chorus speaks to both camps. “Fate calls so you answer. Fate calls so you gotta respond” moves to re-thinking with “Fate’s making the game, are you playing along or rewriting the rules as you go to survive?” It’s a back and forth that the narrator grapples with. But by the time the song ends, it leaves you with one main belief: You’re always going to be wondering if Fate is real, because “Fate’s made you its lover” repeated until the close of the song.

The song’s driving guitar was performed by Rubio. Vocals are performed by Lash. Drums, bass and lead guitar are performed by local multi-instrumentalist Marcel Salas. And the the opening whistle is performed by Ferny Coipel, who also produced and engineered the track at Shack North in Hialeah, FL.

The EP was mastered by Zach Ziskin. And the cover and accompanying art was designed by artist, Ana Rodriguez.

Fate hits all streaming platforms on Friday, April 26th, 2024. Lash and Rubio will be performing in a special appearance at the Alexa & the Old-Fashioneds show at Bar Nancy Miami that same night.

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