Miami Songwriter Grapples with Themes of Childhood and Neglect in “Missing”


Florida Recording Artist, Alexa Lash, Delves into the Adult Repercussions of Childhood in New Single

Cover Design by Jacqueline Lesik, 2024

Miami, FL – March 22 – Just three weeks ago, Miami singer-songwriter, Alexa Lash, released an acoustic anthem for the anxious woman. Now she’s released “Missing,” a powerfully emotional track about family, childhood, and neglect.

“I wrote a lot about love and romantic relationships, and I love those songs,” Lash says. “But I’ve been writing so much about the other kinds of relationships that exist in our lives: relationships with family, friends, the world. And above all, the relationship to yourself.”

The song opens with the line, “Hold her and tell her a story,” setting the stage for three story-related themes: the song serving as a story with a conclusion, the embedding of a story being told, and the song serving as a storybook snapshot of the songwriter’s life.

“I wanted the song to feel simple, while the words feel weighty, heavy,” Lash says. “I want you to experience something listening to it. Like you’re the child. Like you can immediately understand where the narrator is coming from.”

“Missing” does just that. It touches on the lasting effects of childhood events. How even things we think we understand, will affect us later in life. “I wish I could tell you it ends well. I wish I could promise you’d stay in her life.” This is the movement from childhood to adulthood. The way relationships grow or diminish, the push and pull of family bonds and the state of closeness between a parent and child.

“The child grows up, realizes there’s been so much distance it might not be reparable,” Lash says. “It’s grief…for the childhood that you didn’t know you lost.”

Lash continues to surprise us with this new release, and we look forward to what’s to come. The song’s guitar and vocals are performed by Lash. And the accompanying accordion is played by Ferny Coipel, who also produced and engineered the track at Shack North in Hialeah, FL.

The EP was mastered by Zach Ziskin. And the cover and accompanying art was designed by artist, Jacqueline Lesik.

Missing hits all streaming platforms on Friday, March 22nd, 2024.

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