The Skeleton Selection, Part III

So this next, and final, portion of the Skeleton Selection (and if you are interested, Part I and Part II) is not so much unfinished pieces as it is brief ideas/pretty words that went nowhere: 
From Random Thoughts
RIP May 29, 2008
Read the books and you will see
That all life’s roads wind up with me
And I will take you, lead you, guide you
Past each fork in every road.
If crying is forbidden, then why do these tears feel like joy upon my cheeks?
If you can hide behind your tears, then you must be quite a small person.
I am living the predetermined life
For I have decided that I will succeed
And that in succeeding, I will do so successfully.
Life can get so amazingly complicated, so amazingly reversed, that when we look back at the sequence of our past, it ends up being the future we thought was impossibly lost to our emotions, our dreams, and our fears. It is the past we regret losing that creates our life’s reverse nature. The nature that we have grasped onto with our hearts is given up for the sake of our sanity. I’d rather be insane. I want the blood of mental instability to flow through my veins in a rapid succession of thoughts and indecision. Make me insane. Make me completely insane.
Whatever happened to beauty in complication? The beauty that lies in simplicity is easily seen, but sometimes the most beautiful lies in what is unseen and untouched, guarded by fear, and unknown to those who seek it.
Songs that we find relative to our situations, are always the most expressive of our fears, yet for each new voice that sings relentless melodies, we hide behind the music of our tears.


I believe I was a very deep person in 2008. Very deep, indeed.

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