The Skeleton Selection, Part II

Here is the second installment of the Skeleton Selection with an on-the-spot about love and zombies (Valentine’s Day is right around the corner). And if you missed it, here’s the first set of dead guys: Part I. 

RIP December 3, 2006

So you stare at me with open eyes
That try to see the world
While having me in view and everything around
And you never even told me that
your vision wasn’t blurred
But just distracted by the city lights and sounds

Oh you never even knew
I was a little bit concerned
About attentions shared between the stars and me 

Words that flow upon the page 
RIP June 12, 2007

Words that flow upon the page
End up quickly onto shore
When the reader picks at letters in the sand
You would think they’d miss the meaning
With the imprints of their feet
Making messages too hard to understand 

Stuck in your head 
RIP January 16, 2008

Write me a melody that I can sing
Over and over and over again
It will get in my head
Chords set in melody
We harmonize and synchronize
Our voices slip together and they twist
And spin and rise and fall
You sing it without realizing your singing
My songs and verses printed in your mind
And try now to remove them, but I will try to prove them
By getting stuck in your head tonight

I’m stuck in your head tonight
You just keep singing my song
Without realizing you’re singing
I got you singing along

We all associate ourselves
With songs we never wrote
But incidentally we find
We’ve added our own notes

So what you do when I’m stuck in your head?
Singing my song, as if it’s your song instead

And I’m forced to be your melody tonight
Rising and falling, a voice you breathe tonight
In and out, I rise and fall

An on-the-spot poem about a zombie in love:

You start to scream
when I nibble,
only nibble,
on your neck

I groan
you fumble
we drop down in an embrace
your heart racing
and mine


and when I say,
“I want to eat your brains,”
I really mean
“I love you.”

2 thoughts on “The Skeleton Selection, Part II

  1. Alexa L. says:

    Thank you! I like to throw in something randomly strange or awkward whenever possible.


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