Dirty Minds Write Poetry Alike

There are words and phrases all over the front and right side of my refrigerator. Phrases like “bottle of wine” and “she kissed.”

But then there are other phrases that greet me as I open the freezer door to grab a bag of frozen broccoli…

“on the kitchen table”
“her uncharted continent”
“hungry loins”

These are just some of the many dirty word magnets that grace my fridge. The front of my fridge is more innocent, while the right side is full of dirtier things, pulsating members included (I just didn’t want the maintenance guys to think I was a perv).

My goal was to use the dirty words to create more innocent poetry. The following photos are three of my attempts. I guess not necessarily innocent, but raunchy in a classier way. Plus, it really seeks to reinforce my idea of on-the-spot poetry for my guests (while seeing how far their minds have fallen into the gutter).

Full Moon
Master Bates
Aargh, Matey

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