I’ve never written a slam poem before. Never tried. Never wanted to try. But I was so impressed with my now-published friend Amanda Jimenez’s slam poem, “This is what I will say to you when you try to hit on me” on Write from Wrong, that I decided to give it a shot. The following is an experiment. Please judge/critique/dislike with caution.

So here it is, an on-the-spot short slam poem about being a white girl with, well, assets. 

“I am white”

Snow White
coke white
white like cigarette paper
the kind you smoke
then blow into my face
because you’re trying to look cool-

but the foolish thing you do is
in front of your friends
(insert air quotes here)

yes, friends
the people you party with
dance with
have sex with
while you think of me
picture me
smoke me up
then crush me under your foot
turning fire-laden passion
into soot
then back to her

she’s got skin
the color of cardboard
and you run your fingers
(which are as white as mine)
against her cheek
then her breasts
in your mind,
comparing chests
and knowing
mine is bigger

because I’m white, but big
all big things born with, attained

and she’s not white,
not white at all
her body darker than mine, but small
and in terms of cigarettes
her personality’s in puffs
mine’s a long drag,
she’s menthol
and I’m the damn pack.

Note: I am really really really really really sorry if you don’t like it, or I offended anyone who actually writes slam poetry. Teach me the ways. 

6 thoughts on “Slam

  1. Jeremy Blomberg (Sean Weathers) says:

    nice poem, very passionate and tasted nice off the tongue…ive never written a slam poem either, maybe i will try

  2. Amanda says:

    As a self acclaimed slam poet, this is PHENOMENAL!!!! I LOVE how you keep twisting the black/white/cigarette ideas, like a braid. You just keep on sprouting these talents, I'm impressed!

  3. Colleen says:

    This is bomb-ass awesome, girl. All praise the big girls.


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