In the past week, I’ve driven too much: Massachusetts to Connecticut. Connecticut to Maryland. Maryland to Florida. And once I hit Florida, it was back and forth from Northern South Florida to South Florida (about 30 minutes each way). Simply, I’m tired, so I haven’t had the time or the brilliance to write, read, or, well, blog. But I felt the need to let you know, I am alive. I’ll be updating about my trip soon. But just so you know what to look forward to, I have written two on-the-spots about the epicness that is my drive from Boston to Miami.

An on-the-spot poem about driving to Florida:


An on-the-spot poem about the road (based on my love for my car):

They got me for
speeding with you,
your glitter blue skin
shining under sunlight
then stars.

But it was worth it:
The feel of a heartbeat
at 95 mph,
until it popped like a tire,
caught fire,
and spun,
reeling down
the yellow-lined highway
to something special.

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  1. Alexa L. says:

    thanks, you have indeed been followed. I appreciate the recognition.

  2. Kinsey Michaels says:

    hey alexa! i recently created a community for boston bloggers – just added you to the blogroll! would love for you to check it out & follow to keep tabs on upcoming blogger events!


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