The United Nation of On-The-Spot Enthusiasts Volume Due

Today’s selection features a poet whom I’ve known since undergraduate. I’m proud to say I was a bridesmaid in Liz’s wedding, her classmate, and her confidant. She lives in New Mexico now and I miss her.

Plus, my first on-the-spot photography entry from the hauntingly talented Melanie Sy. She’s not just a friend, but an avid, I guess you could say, on-the-spot traveler with an eye for beauty. 

An on-the-spot poem about famous women
written by Liz Lauer, on October 5, 2010

Sometimes I feel like Sylvia,
surging blue under the glass.
Sometimes I feel like Edie
in a house growing unkempt and mad.
Sometimes I feel like Jackie,
all glamour and composure outside.
Sometimes I feel like Michelle,
just along for the ride.
Sometimes I feel like Courtney,
and what I say doesn’t make sense.
Sometimes I feel like Lindsay,
still trying, but can’t repent.
Sometimes I feel like Eleanor,
and words can’t bring me down.
Sometimes I feel like myself,
or what little of her I’ve figured out.
Find Liz at Throat Chakra.   

Untitled (c) 2010 Melanie Sy, shot October 2, 2010

An on-spot-poem about friendship

written today. right now. as we speak.
(on 10/10/10 huzzah!)
by Alexa L. 

I locked our friendship
in my closet
inside jokes
on a fancy hanger
a boa wrapped around
a phantom neck
and when you say
I hate you
and when I say
but you shouldn’t let him treat you this way
we laugh
because a Do Not Enter sign
hangs from the closet door
and he knocks, and knocks, and knocks.

I know, I know. I’m weird.

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