A Publishing Student’s Book Bag, in bullets or How to Find Meaning in a Facebook Chat

The contents of a publishing student’s book bag:

  • orange Sharpie (I took it home from work by mistake)
  • 9 pens (collected over time)
  • pencils (three mechanical, one standard school-bus yellow)
  • editing pencils (one green, one red)
  • type gauge (to measure my fingers in picas when I’m bored)
  • notebook (with design sketches, failed titles, sentences jotted with former purposes now forgotten)
  • binder (also with random scrawls)
  • folder (with design fails and folded-up finished pages)
  • calculator (because we publishing students, well, we can’t do math)
  • jump drive [VITTO (very important thing to own)]
  • metal “q” type block (a gift)
  • wooden “m” type block (another gift)
  • umbrella, red (because I live in Boston)
  • tissues (because I live in Boston)


  • a T pass (I think you get the idea) 

A funny conversation I had moments ago…

What my writing has become, in three unintentionally-revealing-for-me-though-my-friend-didn’t-realize-it messages: 

Me: what I’m writing is kind of funny I think 

Friend: it’s kinda funny, you think? that’s not an overwhelming seal of confidence is it? 

Me: probably not. probably way off tone actually. probably should be serious

And finally:

A huge thank you to everyone who has already submitted work for my on-the-spot poetry project. A new entry will be coming to a blog near you (actually, this one…in a couple of days). Please, if you’d like to be a part of it, just send me an on-the-spot anything. The poetry and photos I’ve already received are simply vahndaful dahling! (spelling?) And just remember, masterpieces might take years to complete, but it only takes a few minutes to start painting (dorky, I know, but true).

Write on.
and on.
and on.

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