Guest Blogs and Mental Images

I’d like to think I have pretty talented friends. Because of this (and because they are so darn kind), I can introduce my first guest blogger: J.d. Hillier, my friend and (though he denies it) a wonderful writer. His words, like his graphic designs, alter image, stretch color, create space. He writes in color. He writes in sound. I hope you enjoy his writing as much as I do. 

Midnight, Old world Europe, Damp Cobblestone, Streetlights, Cafe, The Smell of freshly baking bread, Red Wine and a lonely guitar.

I have these mental images of a scene, from memories, and hopes blending together. they are beautiful, past and future. Happy and alone, but not lonely. I can feel the wind, hear the sounds, and when I see them, I dont know what to do. I want to be there so badly, but it’s all third person, it’s me, or what it should have been or should be.


Open road, green, street-lights, sprinklers, truck, music, thought, laugh, smile, smoke, red light, chilly. after midnight, calm, quiet.


Grass, wood frame, open, cloudless sky, stars, crickets. Stare, trance, lights, reflections, breathless, weightless. Crickets, stars, wind, grass.

from J.d. Hillier

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