On Accomplishments and Procrastination

If you don’t like your classes, the work seems like a chore, a bore, a what the heck am I doing this for? You feel overworked, maybe miserable. You might cry about it. You might vent to your wall.

I got lucky this semester. I love my classes. I want to marry my classes. I do. I do. I do. OK, not really. But for classes, they are pretty compatible. It’s like I matched dot commed those suckers. For real.

Which is why I’m an inconsistent over-achiever. Sometimes lazy. Often tired. I draw doodles when I should be creating art. Lucky for me, the accomplishments listed below have been the norm of the first couple months of this, the second to last semester of my graduate program. Senior status, I’m this close to out of here.

Accomplishments of the weekend, and week thus far:
Finished my second column for Column Writing
Volunteered at the fort
Bought an exuberant amount of groceries
Laundered things
Attempted finding the meaning of life
Folded things
Pondered what it would be like to be famous
Sent a Web submission to McSweeney’s
Found solace in television
Watched Beauty and the Beast on my computer
Sent e-mails to prospective interview subjects
Researched superheroines (not to be confused with an extreme version of the drug)
Wrote this post

For tonight: The beginnings of a restaurant review. Ethiopian food awaits. 

For tomorrow: Samba lessons.

I’m on a roll.

An on-the-spot poem about procrastination:

I’ll do it later.
I will.

4 thoughts on “On Accomplishments and Procrastination

  1. Alexa L. says:

    Aww that's amazing! I go to Emerson College and it's been a really wonderful experience. The classes are diverse; the teachers, often hilarious and kind. And yea, internships are definitely the way to go. I've had two here in Boston, and then the ones in undergrad. Emerson is really into networking, and the alumni are pretty kind to other alums – so finding a school that has strong ties to the industry is important. And yea, I felt the same way about experience, but trust me, the internships will take you far. And if you really are serious, you should sign up for newsletters from publishers lunch, etc. and keep up with the tweets from the major pub companies. Good luck with everything!! And thanks for reading my stuff 🙂

  2. Cassie says:

    Your bio is like reading what I HOPE to be doing within the next few years. I don't plan on going to graduate school right away, but I am really considering a Science of Publishing MA. (Where do you go, if you don't mind revealing it, and how has it been?) And the copyediting, that too. Occasionally I'll browse jobs online just to see what I might be able to get into this spring after I've graduated, but everyone wants experience. HOW CAN I HAVE EXPERIENCE IF NO ONE WILL LET ME HAVE IT. Luckily, I've at least got an internship.

    Sorry to completely NOT talk about your post and only talk about myself. It's great you love your classes, though. It really helps tremendously when you actually, God forbid, enjoy the classes you take. Makes the work that much easier.

  3. Alexa L. says:

    thanks! I hope so..I used to take salsa lessons in undergrad…I missed the dancing…so i'm excited to learn samba.

  4. MissEmy says:

    ohhh, samba lessons! I took a couple months of dance lessons and enjoyed it. I stopped because of school, but I have a friend that keeps going back. 🙂 Have fun with that!


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