Lucky in Love, a poem

Have you ever had a bowl of Lucky Charms? This is a poem about Lucky, the leprechaun on the front of the box. Yes, I’m serious.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Lucky in Love

The marshmallows may have changed over the years,
but I have not:
my love for you still filled to the bowl brim
with helium,
red balloons floating in the air,
being picked from milk-colored skies
because the cereal itself
is just not so good
to warrant floating.

You clamp your feet down,
purple shoes neighing for attention,
under blue moons curved like a smile.

Stay a while,
and I’ll let you have me,
lucky charms
blinding like the light
from a thousand orange shooting stars.

Envy, all will envy.
Faces clover green and
pink hearts racing,

and facing each other,
we’ll exchange words like bits
of potted gold,

whether young or old,
I’ll keep you through rain and rainbow.

Despite claims too much affection is malnutritious,
despite kids beyond vicious…

Our love remains:
magically delicious.

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