Happy Birthday in Lieu

As per my M.O., I have put out the call to writers, both friend and strange(r) to contribute work as part of a series of on-the-spot poems/photos/art related to poetry, creativity and inspiration for the month of April. Basically, this is my way of honoring National Poetry Month. If you want to participate, please just let me know.

A poem written by J.d. Hillier, whose birthday was on April 1st. Happy belated, Mr. Hillier.

found on Google images

Note from the author:
This poem is more like a slow song, with the middle parts read more quickly.

Birthday, birthday.

Wake up,
Just like any other,
Eat up,
Just like summer,
Drive out,
Just another bummer,
Dine out,
Just another bummer.

But then,
at the end,
after the drinks,
without laughter,
the waiters,
sing some little hummer.

The cake,
after coffee,
after dinner,
after a drive,
after morning,
tastes like,
any other.





Get in the car,
Get on the road,
Get in the door,
Get into bed.

Just another
Just another

Just like,
any other.

And since I’m writing this post as a method of procrastination…

an on-the-spot poem about putting off my e-publishing homework,
written today in lieu of doing responsible things

I’d rather write
a thousand lines
of poetry,
than a thousand lines
of code.

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