Love Letters and Candy Hearts, Part II

All you need is love, food, water, maybe aspirin as you clutch your head between sweaty palms, too nervous to think about upcoming banter, blushes. Perhaps you sink in your chair, eyes heavy, heart knock, knock, knocking on your chest. Do you hear me? I’m dying in here! Your heart speaks, wants to push out, kiss the girl, tell her she’s beautiful. But you know you shouldn’t. You know it’d be the end-all, the heartcracker. And besides, it is only the first date.
Here is the second installment of my February on-the-spot project (see Part I here). I gave a mission of love to writers, photographers, artists; what came back was an eclectic mix of sexy, sassy, sweet, and strange. I adore it all. 

An on-the-spot poem about new love
by Jeramy Micah Pappa of 20SB


Even when I know I should be
Able to return to a neutral state
Today isn’t a beginning
It’s just a fork in the road.

Fore more on Jeramy, click here

sea-ghost girl 
by Ashley Inguanta 

you are honey
salt sand
you are ice cream
sweet beach flowers
christmas ivory twists
you are seabirds
sailing, wings
white and catching air
you are air
a ghost
flower lungs
you are
grandma’s satin blue curtains
coca-cola on the forth of july
you are the black-and-white t.v.
the alligator sweater
the lion
the snail
you are a cluster of energy
climbing a lifeguard stand
pulling your young body
to the top
leaping down the very second
you get there
running to the water
pulsing blue tide
you are running
you are free
always free
sea-ghost girl

(c) 2010 Shannon Smith

Ashley Inguanta is currently an MFA student at the University of Central Florida and a Graduate Teaching Associate of Creative Writing. Her photography has appeared in REAX music magazine, Moms Like Me, Celebration Independent, and more. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in SmokeLong Quarterly, Pindeldyboz, Elephant Journal, and All Things Girl. For more information on Ashley visit her at

An on-the-spot poem about loving too much
written by Alexa L.

I pumped my heart
with too much love,
tied a vein like string
and let it go,
let it float upward,
chambers filled
with helium and
hold me,
chocolate roses
and cards that say
“love me back,”
then collide
into cloud—or arrow—

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