On Love and Lunchmeat

I do not love the way you lie.
—Me, on not wanting to burn like Rihanna

In four days (and some minutes here or there) it will be February—a month of brevity and breathlessness, prepped romance and popped hearts.

I can already see you, your personality, flippant; your hair, flipped. And I can feel my heart pounding, beating, drumming for a heavy metal band; then slow real girlie-like til it pauses, awaiting a kiss, three words, and a grab for a finger, then a hand. My little hand, because, boy, yours is always bigger. And then I catch my breath, blush burgundy, and laugh, because god only knows I’m either in love or ready for birds, bees, and tomorrow’s promise of pancakes. Blueberry or chocolate, baby. Please. But then you leave—because the day after just ain’t that special.

An on-the-spot poem about love gone wrong:

You gnaw at the chicken bones
of us,
exposing the shine of it,
this, this thing
all ripped jeans,
our love the hole in the knee,
stretched out
because they’ve been worn
high school.

And I’m waiting
here among lockers
and lunchmeat
watching clocks tick
or tock
until you knock me flat
and throw those jeans,
those chicken bones,
into the trash.

8 thoughts on “On Love and Lunchmeat

  1. PsycheBubbles says:

    Gorgeous.. Im so in love with ur Poem! :)))
    Tock away with ur mighty pen! 😉

    Followers + 1 🙂

  2. cooper says:

    I love that on the spot poem you wrote. In theory it'd be fun to do, but in reality most people are hard put to write something on the spot.

  3. Alexa L. says:

    Lauren, thank you so much! You should definitely do the poetry thing. Half the time I make myself laugh with some of the thoughts that pop into my head. Better write em down than let them go.

    And titanproject, thank you!

  4. Little Wonder Lauren says:

    So I surfed in to check out your blog after you said hello — and I have to say I love this entry. Both the entry and the poem, that is. Best internet poetry I've read ever, hands down. You've got me considering writing/posting some of my own poetry, most of which does not end up as good as this 🙂


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