Write Poetry Like it’s 1999, Part II

Please remember: I am about 11 or 12 when I wrote the poems below (except for my traditional on-the-spot). I think I was a little too dramatic when I was younger. And that’s all I’m gonna say.


No one is around me
I feel alone
Silence does surround me
A quiet tone

There is darkness on the horizon
I am afraid
There is no light above me
Shadows are made

I am walking by myself
No one is there
There are no voices speaking
In the winter air

Someone was blamed
Someone was hurt
Someone was framed
Being left in the dirt

Someone was quiet
Someone was loud
Someone was left
By herself in the crowd

Someone was wrong
Someone was right
That’s why I’m here
To no one’s delight

Someone’s unhappy
Someone’s in glee
Someone is crying
That someone is me

Note: I think these two poems are pretty awful…

so I’ve written an on-the-spot poem about writing terrible poetry when you’re 11…

An on-the-spot poem about an overemotional 11-year-old writing a poem about a crush
written, today, December 9, 2010, by Alexa L.

She takes her pen
and grips it
like a lightsaber,
writes “I love him”
in pink and purple
gel ink
crosses it out furiously,
then writes “I hate him”
in glitter red.

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