The United Nation of On-The-Spot Enthusiasts Volume IIII

Here is the fourth installment of my on-the-spot poetry project. Amanda was my rock, my tank throughout undergraduate. I hope she knows how much I miss her. I met Jen here in Boston at my graduate school. Jen is not just a friend, but a wonderful editor, photographer, and, if you couldn’t tell, writer. So glad they both shared their words with me. To Amanda and Jen, thank you. 
An on-the-spot poem tribute to biking and literature cliches
written by Jen on October 10, 2010

“and in a sense we’re all winning we’re alive”
from Frank O’Hara’s “Steps” 

I had a room of my own.
Three stories above a city center
With a movie theater marquee,
And nooks of sushi restaurants.

I had Frank O’Hara days
Strolling past the fluorescent
Outlines and boxes of city life:
It was lovely
To smoke too many cigarettes,
To love you so much.

Now I want just
a bike of my own.
With a bell and basket
To toll my presence out
As I pedal back
From under wide fall skies
Conversing with the trees
About the approach of
Winter hibernation,
The promise of spring.

Find Jen at Marginalia

An on-the-spot poem about inspiration
written by Amanda Stanley 

When it hits, you know
Though you may never know why
It’s gooseflesh down your arms
The heart is racing
It makes you antsy
Sometimes it will make you cry
Or smile, maybe laugh
But it can’t be denied
Play, Make, Do.

Find Amanda at Worldwide Investigation: Amanda at Large.

An on-the-spot poem about construction paper chains (like those ones from grade school)
by Alexa L., written October 25, from 10:25 to 10:39 p.m.

An orange construction paper circle
wraps itself around white and blue
staples in its back like silver tattoos,
and a message written, in ink:
Buy yourself something nice.

I will.

I wish myself a happy birthday 
then tear through 11/11
like opening a gift,
to find empty space,
and tomorrow.

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