Feeling Bookish…or My Brief Attempts at Book Design Part I

For my Applications for Print Publishing course, we were asked to design a book as our final project. Allowed to use any source of text for the content, and if it isn’t apparent from the title, I used this blog, this calming, wonderful little blog, and turned it into a miniature, 40-page book. I will be posting pieces of my project over the course of the week.

This, my darlings, is the cover (I printed it on off-white cover stock, the fonts are Gabriola and Georgia):

Note: I finished The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake (yes, it was quick, right?). I loved it, but I’ll be posting more about it on a later date.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Bookish…or My Brief Attempts at Book Design Part I

  1. Alexa L. says:

    haha I know…I printed it on an off-white text stock. It was saddle-stitched, really thin. Just for introduction to book design…not so serious.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Publishers HATE white books. It gets dirty way too easily, then they can't sell the copies that have dirt on them.

    It's about the money, you know?


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