Finally, a Sign of Life…and Some Updates…and Some Penguins

Today, I became a regular.

I know, I know, it isn’t standard to be excited that the man who works in the convenience stand at your T stop recognizes you; but for me, it just solidified my place in Boston. I felt confident and important. A puzzle piece, a shard of glass. You’re not wearing your glasses today. No, I am not. I thank you for noticing. I smile. I walk away. I smile again to myself and shout yes! in my head as I step onto the train. I live in Boston, baby, and it’s wicked awesome to be here.

Speaking of wicked awesome, I want to share some of the advertisements I’ve seen for the New England Aquarium. They’re pretty spectacular and I feel like this post needed something.

“And Most of All. You.”
“Don’t Wait Up”
“I Don’t See It” “Me Neither”

Note: Amanda J. has doled out my last line for a poem care of inspirational lunch. It’s in progress, so it should be posted soon.

Also note: I’m still reading Eggers, but I’m halfway done (I’ve only been reading on the T because I’ve been too busy with work and school). But after Eggers, I’ll be reading the lemon cake book, then Stockett’s popular gem, The Help. For my local loves, if you want to borrow anything after I read it, let me know. People (aka Brittney and Katie) already have first dibs on Eggers and lemon cake.

3 thoughts on “Finally, a Sign of Life…and Some Updates…and Some Penguins

  1. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    I haven't been in forEVER, but the last time I went I nearly cried when we had to leave. I wanted to bring a penguin home with me. I was so determined.

  2. Alexa L. says:

    It's the same one. I just went for the first time last month. But lately, I've been seeing those penguin adverts and I love them; they make me smile. Plus, they're ALL OVER the place.

  3. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Is this different from the Boston Aquarium? Because that place is amAZing! : )


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