The [Face]Book of Inspiration, Part V

So while trying to complete the following prompts (this is the last of them!), my Internet decided to reset. So you’re seeing a second version, an attempt at remembering. Changed just a touch from original intent. Either way, the original version was equally short. I decided that these poems were more appropriate as snapshots, to oppose the seemingly vast natures of their topics.

The title of each poem will be shown as it was written on Facebook. And beneath it the first name and last initial of whoever presented it.

How Will 2017 Be Remembered in History
Yosi M.

Was there a year
that existed between 2016 and 2018?
I can’t remember…
violence has erased memory,
the rest washed away with the King tide.

the eventual heat death of the universe
Padrick B.

We will not burn
in sun-fire,
we’ll freeze,
motion dissipating,
the universe anticipating a state
of unpleasant equilibrium,
a macrocosm
of that game among children,
where they’ve touched you
and you’ve turned to stone.

My ex stole my dog and now I hope he dies so I can get my dog back
Rebecca F.

I didn’t know when you took him
that I had anything left to take
but barkless nights can make
the loneliest of evenings expand
into an unending feeling
of walklessness.

Goodbye Summer
Jayson T.

I have nothing left to say to you,

You got away with it,
at least in the sense,
that you no longer feel
an obligation to be human,
providing closure in the coldest
of shoulders,
more ice
than flesh
and bone.

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