The Blog Post, a Poem

I have been writing so often for work, I have neglected my own site. A terrible thing, but a wonderful one. Because it means I have a job. And that means I’ve stopped twiddling my thumbs and that I could finally afford a new phone on which I play Candy Crush Saga all too often.

So at this job, one of my responsibilities is blogging. So here’s a poem about that.

The Blog Post, a Poem

I left you unattended, untitled
and waited
for click or clack
of computer keys,
the virtual “Hey, I found you,”
the Internet’s validation
that you just might be good enough
to warrant analytics.

But my first mistake
involved misspells
and a sentence,
too long for any eyes to breathe
properly without blinking
for at least three gulps of air,

the second—
oh, the second mistake
was believing quantity over quality could attract
lovers of your words,
our words,
without keyword or caption,
image or infographic.

But the world is different now.
Content—good content—is lord commander.

Your facts, limited.
Your entertainment value,
perhaps slightly humorous
with a hint of,
“I feel like I’ve heard this before.”

And that’s what you get
when you put rank above substance.
You get cookie-cutter and repetition.

And I wasn’t proud.

So I left you unattended, untitled,
so no one would find you,
so Search Engines would be Lost and Never Found Engines.


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