The Newsletter

I feel like I’m always apologizing for taking forever between posts, but I’m proud to say the reason it’s been taking me so long is because I got a job. Yes, me. No more screwy internships or time spent at Starbucks doing nothing but submitting resumes. And believe me, I am super happy about it. Plus, today marks my one month with SEO Brand and I’ve been feeling awesome all day. Cheers to cool things happening.

And to emphasize the dorkiness that is my life, and to stick with what I’ve been doing ever so recently, here is a poem about designing a newsletter—sort of.

The Newsletter

I wanted to tell you
that something good has happened,
but you ignore me
like you do
to all my emails

even though I tried
to spice it up

added color
added content

like I added makeup
and something more comfortable
a few nights prior
for the other you

the one who still
will not read my face
because the idea of it
goes directly to your spam folder

as do all faces
that show you love

as do all emails
that show you opportunity

my body,
textually uninviting
when sent with a subject
“For You”

and when I made
filled my email with imagery
and a better way
to connect

you glimpsed it briefly
and unsubscribed


and I could not reach you again.

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