The poem-photo pairs below are an experiment in inspirational exchange with a fellow blogger (and amazing photographer) Sarah. I would write a poem, she would snap a photo. I do hope you enjoy the results.

The Poem
Snow Angels
by Alexa L.

You fall,
stumble on sidewalks
icy like he was
when he stomped
size 11 cracks
into snow hearts
and left imprints,
like deformed angels,
halos bent and twisted,
wings out,
feathers on fire.

But you rise,
swipe mounds of snow
from places where
your heart was broken
dripstoned from
bumpers, ceilings,
then colliding down,
hands in fists
punching him backward,
deformed angels laughing,
heads down,
praying for rain
to wash him away.

The Photograph
photo taken by Sarah Elizabeth

The Poem
Sun Drunk
by: Alexa L.

My leaves fold over,
elastic pants pulled out,
the threat of snap-back
like wilting.

They reach, little slices
of green
toward the sunshine,
Midas touching them
to gold.

Then the fiery sun
stumbles drunk, cursing,
spills his glass, and
splashes pinks and blues
onto canvas sky,
the leaves shadowed by
something like rainbows.

The leaves curl up smile-like,
and watch the moonlight
tuck him in,
sit upon his flowerbed,
and swat at fireflies
until he falls asleep.

The Photograph
photo taken by Sarah Elizabeth

To see more photos inspired by the poem, you can find them here.

Sarah is a 20-something photographer and writer living in a small town on the East Coast of Virginia.You can find Sarah at My Life on Repeat or Captured By Nature.

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