From Robot to Runner…or how an Angel Flies without Wings

The past few weeks, in brief, have been busy. I am constantly moving. I’ve gone from robot to runner; I race, I speed, I forget to slow down because I know I’m so close to the end of it: The end of the semester. The end of the year. The end of magazine projects and editing projects and writing projects.
The worst though, is that I’ve been too busy to write for me; to write as if my words were breaths, coughed smoke-like into the winter sky. And it is winter in Boston, let me tell you. Tonight, I stood for 2 hours in 37-degree weather with wind chill to watch the Christmas tree lighting in downtown. But I don’t regret it. (You should never regret an experience that makes you feel at home.) So I watched the fireworks and the quick shift of the sky from black to polychromatic and then kept moving, the twinkle lights on the tree blurring as I passed. 
The song below goes to one of my jazzier melodies. The theme is obvious and unrelated to Christmas, but the tree lighting reminded me of the song because of the mention of angels. I hope you enjoy it. It’s one of my favorites to sing.
Angels Fly Without Wings
written by Alexa L., on January 9, 2006*
I see heaven and hell in your eyes and I know that I’ll never be sorry again
I see clearly it’s all a disguise meant just for me
And the days that you cry in the night all show that you feel something I can’t see
But I know in my heart I’ll never feel sorry again
When the light keeps on shining above you, I see angels fly without wings
When the night keeps on leaving me here all alone
And the days you go on without sleeping, I know usually no one’s home
But I know in my heart that angels can fly without wings.
But the here and the now keeps on haunting you
You just can’t admit that I’m here
And though words can’t describe, how I feel deep inside
I’m an angel that flies without wings
So the words that you speak aren’t truthful, since your lips are curved into a smile
And the grin that you’re letting me see hides more than fear
So I let myself fall into thinking that you’ll always find home here
But I found that you hide behind more than the curve of your smile
But the here and the now keeps on haunting you
You just can’t admit that I’m free
Though you see me away, you still ask me to stay
Fool the angel that flies without wings
Fool me once and shame on you
Fool me twice I feel shame only on me
Fool the angel, telling her that angels can’t sing
Cry the angel that flies without wings
But the here and the now keeps on haunting you
You just can’t admit I can fly
Though you see no more tears, I’m surmounting my fears
Fly the angel that grew her own wings
I’m the angel that grew my own wings.
*I was 18!
Also note: It was 2006. So the that/who dilemma was not as significant an issue for me as it is now. I tried singing the song with “who” and it just doesn’t sound right. So for my fellow grammar-philiacs, I’m truly sorry for my melodious blunder.
Cool beans? More like freezing.

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