On High School Romance…or How to Have an Aha! Moment

My friend Mel sent me a photo in October; as I was looking at it today (it’s November, people), I couldn’t help but feel it looked familiar. So I dug into my cabinets and found a drawing from my fellow high schooler Anton. The whole scenario made me smile: my friends, without realizing, had sent me two very complementary pieces. (All it took was about seven years for this to happen and about a month for me to realize it had happened but I thought it was amazingly neato.) 

Pale Green Things (c) 2010 Melanie Sy; photo taken October 2

Untitled circa high school by Anton Voytenkov

An on-the-spot poem about high school romance
written by Alexa L. on November 20, 2010

In Spanish class
you tapped me
on the shoulder
so lightly
and asked me for a pen:

“Blue, if you have it.”

When I turned, you whispered,
“Te quiero”
and sighed
because I did not hear you
just as I had not heard you
in English
or P.E.

until one day
you passed me a note:
no words,
only a penciled sketch
of me and you,

your #2 lead louder
than trisyllabic phrases,
and dollar roses,
than the textbook romance
as scientific as our calculators.

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