Why 15-Year-Olds Should Avoid Poetry

So, the poem below was my younger attempt at humor. And, guess what: I’m still not very funny. 

Dateless by Alexa L.
written May 21, 2003 (I was 15)

Your eyebrows lift,
your smile spreads
as confidence ensues

You wink your eye
and then you try
to make some foolish moves

But had you been
a modern teen
you would have understood

That no’s are no’s
that’s how it goes
in real life’s neighborhood.

But your shallow state
says it’s a date
when we’re not even friends

And then you make
with honest hope
a chance to make amends

You lean your self
you try again
to kiss me on the lips

I move my face
from this disgrace
and from your awful grips.

And then I try
with your deny
to kick you where it hurt

Because you lied
when you went and tried
to take off half my shirt

And then you thought
it wasn’t true
when I said to let me go

And then you took
the liberty
to go against my no.

So then I went
and opened
(accidentally, I’m sure)

The car door
that was on my side
and made a little lure

You tried to lunge
upon me
but you were a little late

You fell onto the
since I knew you’d take my bait.

And then
with all my effort
I made sure I closed the door

And when I left
you on the street
you felt a little sore

But when I thought
you finally found
that girls don’t find you great

You went and called
my best friend John
and asked him on a date.

Note: I edited a few lines for capitalization and rhythm

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