A Poetic Love

I liked the idea of on-the-spot poems, since they moved me to write similarly to how I write my song lyrics. It starts with a line or an initial image (in this case the verb, then the heart, a fragile thing) and in the three poems below, I take that line or image and use it to feed the rest of it all. This is just a small window into how my mind works: with a hint of darker things, a dash of optimism, and a tendency to make things rhyme.  

Three brief, on-the-spot, sort-of-OK poems about love: 
He chewed her heart, a fragile thing,
and spit it on the floor
then ripped his own out of his chest
because he wanted more.
She bashed his heart, a fragile thing
and kicked it with her shoe
and said the words he couldn’t hear:
“My darling, we are through.”
and maybe
He cracked her heart, a fragile thing,
and fixed it up with glue
then added macaroni
and in glitter, “I love you.”

And on a completely unrelated note, I am thoroughly enjoying the following two CDs: Eminem’s Recovery and Scissor Sisters’ Night Work.

Snap, Crackle, Bang

In honor of the upcoming Fourth of July celebration, here is an on-the-spot, yes-it-was-just-written poem about fireworks:

I launched her love into the sky
and set it on fire
her little heart went bang.

Note: In case you are following the books I’m reading, I just started A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers.

Words of the Day (because a very nice IT guy brought this issue to my attention):

  • dissemble: to trick or deceive (let’s call people who do this Dissemblicons…maybe we can make a toy line out of this?)
  • disassemble: assemble’s disjointed counterpart