On Tomboyism and Dinosaurs

When I was little (before I could pick out my own clothing), my mom dressed me in everything hip. I wore bows that matched my outfit. I was the epitome of color-coordination in polka dots (pictured below, obviously) and, more often, lace. My Halloween costumes were overly adorable. I was a mini-model, a Barbie doll (maybe closer to Kelly or Stacie?), a test subject with my mom as scientist.


And then I started to dress myself…

and this, of course, was a disaster. I went the route of Tomboy, my dinosaur chic present to the world. And I did not grow out of this for quite some time.
Now, I’m sort of a mix of little and bigger me. My style has reversed; I’m trying to capture the ultra-matched child I used to be, while holding on tightly to my love of off-kilter and weird. Oftentimes, I don’t get it right, the style. I try so hard to wear the clothes that say “hey, I belong,” but a shirt just doesn’t sit right or a shoe peeps awkwardly from the bottom of a pant leg. Who knew that even at 23, I’d still have this trouble, that no matter how much older I get, I’ll never lose the girl who can’t quite dress herself. Or maybe…I just miss my mom.

An on-the-spot poem about my dinosaur shirt:

I used to own you,
dinosaur shirt.
I wore you as I skated
down the sidewalk
in front of grandma
and grandpa’s.
But I gave you away,
threw you away,
lost you,
you became

6 thoughts on “On Tomboyism and Dinosaurs

  1. Alexa L. says:

    haha nice! Even now I can't figure out why I would ever put those crazy reddish brown loafer things on my feet!

  2. Mia says:

    Love the first and second picture! super cute 😀 I used to dress up like the last picture too until I transferred to another school and a couple of weeks later.. I began dressing up more like a girl. hahaha! 😀



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