Candy Cornucopia

Recently, I put out a prompt for disturbing holiday on-the-spot poetry and images. I wanted Thanksgiving dinners with people eating each other. Christmas with a vampiric Santa Claus. A menorah that holds candles and bloody fingers. You dig? I’m thankful for my friends who’ve accepted the oddity that is my personality, and have participated in my borderline-sinister request.

An on-the-spot poem about Thanksgiving

written by the amazing Amanda L. Jimenez
sent October 27, 2010

Back home for Thanksgiving break:

we crunch leaves

in our hands,
chase away dreams
of college time cigarettes.

As a family, we eat each other
during Thanksgiving.
Yelling silently in breaths
between meals.
Drink sips of secrets,
Search around in each other’s carcasses,
Break apart at the wish bone


art by Anton Voytenkov (who helped me previously with a book illustration and who will soon be famous for his artistic awesomeness)
Suit (c) 2010 Anton Voytenkov
An on-the-spot poem about candy corn
written by Alexa L. today, November 18 at 9:54 p.m.

After Halloween,

I shove extra candy corn 
on two teeth
and smile 
in white, yellow, orange;
like vampire,
or Jill-o’-lantern.
Then I keep the rest
for next year.
Gobble, gobble.

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