The United Nation of On-The-Spot Enthusiasts Volume Numero Uno

I am beyond excited. People are riding the awesome train and partaking in my dorky, yet surprisingly rad little hobby. I challenged some of my closest friends and favorite strangers to write on-the-spot poetry of their own. I’ll be posting the responses until I have no more to share. Note: If you want to keep sharing, please do! I love me some random poesy (I really hope I just used that word correctly). For 20-Something Blogger readers, send them to my page inbox. For my friends (in other words, those who most likely have my digits), just shoot me an e-mail.  
an on-the-spot poem by Colleen Kelly (sent via text message):
working out
working out.

several on-the-spot haikus by David Golbitz 

A note from Dave: The only kind of poetry I vaguely know how to do (and not very well) is haiku. In keeping with the spirit of on-the-spotness, all of these took me less than five or 10 minutes each to write. Also, thanks for helping me procrastinate today. πŸ™‚

Social media
My fingers are atwitter
I love my smartphone

Morning, noon and night,
I can’t stop thinking of you.
I think I’m in love.

You puncture my skin.
Warm, crimson blood rushes out.
Fucking vampires.

The dead are risen,
A zombie apocalypse.
I need more bullets.

Criminals tremble,
I’m the goddamned Batman.
Feeling lucky, punk?

Sudden darkness now
Burlap sack over my head
Please don’t torture me.

Too much mascara,
She stumbles out of the bar,
Can’t hold her liquor.

When I disembark
Memories are all I have.
My soul lags behind.

I hate to tell you,
’cause you don’t want to hear it.
I’ve fallen for you.

An on-the-spot haiku for Dave:
To SeΓ±or Golbitz:
Your haikus are pretty good.
Thank you for the words.

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